lubricants academy

Our customers using OPET FUCHS benefit from high quality products as well as lubrication developing and cost decreasing studies conducted by our expert engineers, taking the process into consideration. Thanks to engineering solutions emerging from those operations, the benefits listed below may be gained:

  • Reducing unplanned stopping time
  • Lowering oil consumption quantities
  • Lowering consumption of machine spare parts
  • Getting on with safety and environmental issues
  • Reducing purchase and labor costs

Engineering operations conducted to gain above mentioned benefits are specified below.

Technical Training Activities

Consultation service on issues such as answering possible questions about lubrication and oils, oil and lubrication recommendations about the application, improving recommendations on environmental issues.

Technical Consultation

Consultation service on issues such as answering possible questions about lubrication and oils, oil and lubrication recommendations about the application, improving recommendations on environmental issues.

Comparison Operation of Special Applications for Businesses

Previous oil usage information of an equipment is not sufficient to define the oil quantity to be used on that equipment. To perform a proper oil selection; recommendations of equipment manufacturer, operating conditions of the equipment and information on the type of oil used are required. Moreover, equipment may need to be examined in the workplace in some cases. This is the only way for a business to recommend a special oil for the equipment.

Laboratory Analysis

Analysis of oils used in commercial and industrial systems should be regarded as predictive maintenance. In analysis conducted in modern used oil and quality control laboratory in OPET-FUCHS's Izmir facility, apart from checking qualities of oil; corrosive substances, pollution and water quantities in the oil are detected. Corrosive metals are examined and warnings such as corrosives in equipment are within limits or not, or which part of equipment causes the corrosion can be made.

Fullcheck is the used oil analysis program of OPET-FUCHS. This program offers functions such as technologic memory, expert performance analysis, sectoral assessment, statistical analysis and is the most appropriate equipment tracking system for your establishment.

Conducting analysis of required raw material for production, end product and R&D; operations other than used oil analysis, our OPET-FUCHS laboratory proves its errorless and correct analysis through ASTM Crosscheck comparisons.

Labeling of Equipment and Oil Hold

In order to increase lubrication efficiency and decrease errors that may be originated from users, equipments can be labeled in businesses where OPET-FUCHS products are used. Further, a labeling operation can be done to avoid confusion of oils in oil holds.

Lubrication Guides

Lubrication guideline operation is executed by defining appropriate oil or grease for all lubricating points of equipments used in the establishment and reporting them with lubricating style and frequency. Thanks to this guideline, lubrication map of establishment is generated. Therefore, the possibility that a confusion about lubrication may arise is minimized.

Business Survey Report

In order to audit operations related to lubrication and provide corrective and preventive recommendations, OPET - FUCHS audits businesses by means of expert engineers in line with demands of companies. OPET - FUCHS consults on issues such as assessment of waste oil, arrangement of oil holds and decreasing oil costs in critical lubrication practices. In business survey reports, findings obtained after audit is presented and improving recommendations are given on those issues.

Gain Reports

For our customers using superior quality OPET-FUCHS products, our expert engineers conduct developing operations on lubrication. Cost decreases resulting from those operations are reported in detail. In these operations; production yield due to shortening of stopping time, yield in oil purchasing costs due to lowering oil consumption quantities, yield in spare part costs due to the extension of machine spare part lifespan can be obtained.

Trainings on Lubricants and Lubricating Techniques

Today, training on lubrication and lubricating technologies for the staff related to lubrication in businesses is held by OPET-FUCHS to increase efficiency of staff on this issue. In this training, issues such as how lubricants are produced and qualities that lubricants should have for various applications such as motor engines, hydraulics, gears and points to take into consideration during lubrication are covered. After receiving training, perspective of staff changes and their efficiency increase.