about us



Mutual trust forms the basis of our cooperation within the organization and with our customers, suppliers and investors. Working on the basis of mutual trust, we develop specific solutions together with our customers. We engage in trusting collaboration with our business partners to secure the performance and quality of products, as well as reliability of delivery. Cooperation between our employees is characterized by openness and fairness, as well as mutual trust and espect. We are open and transparent in our communication with our investors.


We deliver leading technology and first class service to our customers

We offer our customers technically future-oriented products that generate added value. Scientific and technological progress represents both a challenge and a benchmark for our product development. Our customers appreciate us as a partner in research and development. Our committed employees provide knowledgeable advice and support and analyze the specific processes of our customers to find the optimal solution. The technical performance and reliability of our products is complemented by the highest service quality.

Identify and create Opet Fuchs Value Added

We also generate profitable growth by seizing opportunities and handling risks. Our processes are efficient. We create value for our customers, employees and shareholders. Our employees participate appropriately in this added value.

Provide space for innovation to explore new paths

We provide a platform for new ways of thinking and support unconventional ideas. We love research and finding new approaches for solving problems. We give our research and development staff the freedom to move away from familiar paths and implement unconventional solutions. We shape technological progress with our knowledge and the experience of a globally operating company.

Act with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We are entrepreneurs within our own company, focusing on the essentials, acting fast and consistently, as well as taking decisions. We know our customers and our markets. We improve processes and are not happy until we have delivered first class performance.

Empower employees with responsibility and accountability.

We delegate responsibility to our employees and set both motivating and transparent targets. We place great emphasis on personal and professional competence. We include our employees in decision-making processes, ask questions and listen. Our actions are honest, accountable and transparent. We make success measurable.


We acknowledge our responsibility towards our stakeholders, society and environment.

We stand by our responsibility toward the company, its employees and the environment. In addition to this, we accept our social responsibility. We carefully steward the resources entrusted to us. By creating sustainable products and services, we make a positive contribution to preserving our environment.

Show appreciation and recognition.

Our cooperation is characterized by respectful and trusting interaction with one another. We do not engage in any kind of discrimination. We respect the rights and values of every individual. We show recognition and appreciation for the work of our employees and partners. We respect the cultures of all regions and countries.

Act with fairness towards our partners and employees.

We treat our employees and partners both fairly and honestly. We do not pursue our personal interests. Our actions serve the interests of our customers, employees and shareholders. We require of others only what we are prepared to do ourselves.

Foster an open minded discussion culture.

We always seek open discussion and let the best argument win. We communicate openly, clearly and factually. We honor and respect ideas and arguments irrespective of hierarchical levels. We live out change as a natural and welcome part of our success.


We walk the talk.

We are a role model and live out our corporate values. We show personal commitment and passion for our field of expertise. We set examples regarding motivation, commitment and excellent performance.

Committed to technical leadership.

We are a role model and live out our corporate values. We show personal commitment and passion for our field of expertise. We set examples regarding motivation, commitment and excellent performance

Maintain a consistent track record of performance.

We are proud of our success story, which is based on performance, innovative products and exceptional customer service. Our employees are motivated to continue this success story

Act in a responsive and transparent way.

We win our orders in transparent and fair competition. We believe in the quality and performance of our products. We work as a team. In our decentralized organization, the primary focus is always on the company as a whole.


We believe in a high level of ethics and adhere to our Code of Conduct.

We consistently honor and respect the laws and rules of country in which we operate. We respect their customs and habits. Discrimination due to race, gender, religion or any other personal characteristics is not tolerated. Our Code of Conduct is the guideline for our actions and decisions. We firmly believe that success can only be achieved when our words and values are in line with our actions.